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On this page you can find a list of erotic massage parlors located in Bucharest. To make your contact with these parlors easier, we have included their contact information, such as:

  • The name of the parlor;
  • The address;
  • The phone number;
  • Their website;
  • Their email address;
  • Their Facebook Page;

if we were able to find them on the Internet.

The most common types of massages offered by these parlors are: relaxing massage, nude erotic massage, double erotic massage, with completion erotic massage, at the hotel, for couples, for ladies, etc. To find out what kind of massage offers your chosen location, we recommend you to visit the website of the respective parlor of to call them.

Erotic massage parlors in Bucharest

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General Constantin Coanda Street no. 13, Bucharest

Salon Artemis offers to everyone the most interesting services in erotic art, atmosphere and elements disclosed own an erotic massage, requests made to…

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Popa Savu Street, no. 3A, Bucharest

It’s our desire and it’s in our power to be able to offer you enjoyment!! -Erotic Massage Salon Confidential- Vintage exterior,refined and stylish on the inside …

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Mihail Kogalniceanu Blvd, no. 20, Bucharest

The erotic massage incorporates various massage techniques. All erotic. This type of massage focuses on sensual movement, making sure you can …

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Caderea Bastiliei Street, no. 72B, Bucharest

Mon Amour Massage is a leader in the field of massage therapy, with over 12 years of experience providing premium erotic massage services…

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Erotic massage Bucharest - A short introduction

An erotic massage is not just a relaxing massage, it is influenced by the Hindu and Oriental philosophy regarding meditation techniques and sexuality style. Although tantric sex is a very old term, for the European and Western environment it is a novelty. Tantra is, as seen in the East, an exploration of man through sexuality. According to Hindu theory, sexuality can reach the highest peaks, not only through physical closeness, but also through spiritual closeness.

Those less familiar with these techniques can learn and apply in an erotic massage parlor in Bucharest. There are some parlors that even have masses for women. But not only in a massage parlor can these practices be learned, but also at home, with the partner, which can be much more beneficial, due to the feelings in a relationship and which can even help to reach the couple. The erotic massage focuses on the attention of the participants, and is done with each part of the body.

If the massage is not done by someone who really wants it, the sensations felt by the recipient will be superficial and unsatisfactory. And the atmosphere matters: you must not miss scented sticks, candles, music and a dim light. At that moment, any problem must be forgotten.

The person receiving it should first sit on the belly, and the person doing the massage should start with either the back or the legs, slowly rising to the neck. Then, the recipient will return with the face, which has many more erogenous points and the massage will begin to have more insistent, pleasure-producing movements. When there is an unknown person who will perform the massage, the erogenous points will be deducted, but in the case of the partners, they must communicate with each other. The erotic massage in women is not very different from that in men, the differences being caused by the preferences of each person.

Erotic massage is also a remedy for sexual dysfunctions in men, which can help to improve them. For women, such a massage can give them more confidence and they will discover their body and what they like. The partners will not only offer pleasure, but will also open new emotional and spiritual horizons. Because of this, it is associated with tantra. We recommend you to visit an erotic massage salon in Bucharest to experience this old technique of relaxation of mind and body.

Massage with completion – what really happens in an erotic massage parlor in Bucharest?

You’ve probably heard countless rumors and gossip about the salons where the massage is being completed. When you receive a gift certificate for a massage salon it is normal to be excited, but also to worry about what might happen there. You may be stressed at work and such a gift is ideal for you, but if you have not been to such a salon you do not know what to expect. Will you only have a regular massage for the back and hands or for the whole body? And what is a massage with completion – does this really happen?

Erotic massage Bucharest – What is a parlor?

The erotic massage parlors in Bucharest are legal clubs where clients often receive something “extra” at the end of the visit. Don’t go out there looking for sex – if you’re looking for that, you better go to a prostitute (but it’s not legal either). Instead, here you will have a regular relaxing massage. There are many clients who do not even realize that the salon they visit also offers such services, but those who know have a massage with completion. Customers of these massage parlors usually have different options to choose from such as: the masseuse can be topless, or wear a certain type of underwear or even nothing while doing the massage. One of the masseuses noted that regardless of the costume she wears, or lack thereof, the massage is the same; the client pays more for the “landscape”.

In case you don’t know what the difference is, a regular massage does not end with any kind of sexual action. Never ask for a licensed masseuse from the spa services that you would only find in an erotic massage salon in Bucharest because it is illegal and offensive, you will probably be expelled and you will be banned from entering the respective location.

Erotic massage Bucharest – Finding a parlor

If you are looking for a massage with completion, you will want to make sure you get to the right place for such services. The best way to locate an erotic massage salon in Bucharest is to ask your friends. There is a very high chance that they will know or know someone who knows. If you do not have anyone to ask or you may be in a new city at a business conference and you cannot ask at the hotel reception (remember it is illegal), the best solution is to buy a local newspaper and look for ads, or you can search the Internet. These types of salons create their ads in such a way as to attract men.

If you decide to call an erotic massage Bucharest service and ask for information regarding the services offered, you will surely receive vague answers, but if you insist on the questions and your phone is locked in the nose, you have probably found the right place. In case the working hours are at least strange for a regular massage parlor, these are probably erotic massage parlors. Finally, if their headquarters are in a house, in a residential neighborhood, then you have certainly come across an erotic massage salon.

In contrast, if you really do not want sex and use “massage” only as a euphemism you better forget the whole idea of going to an erotic massage salon in Bucharest. It is best to search the Internet for escort services or use one of the many mobile dating applications – there you will find what you need; from a massage to completion to any activity that goes through your head.